What you might be looking for is the WebClient, see the following example, I just grabbed it from an example online, see here for full. Download Pdf file from URL in C#. Using; WebClient client = new WebClient(); string url = @"". Pdf can be downloaded in two ways in they are: *) Using Script. *) Using third party pdf creation dll files (iTextSharp). 1) Lets us first see. Pdf File From Url

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Are you getting the error both file? com/b/jpsanders/archive/ /09/03/ how to upload jpg and pdf file in C#. serviceApiPath = "api";; var url = " https://YourWebAddress/files/";; bartlocawinlo.mlnt. This article is about reading files from a given specific URL using WebClient. . string strFileUrlToDownload = "http://localhost/PDF/";.

Use the View menu to locate the Hide extensions for known file types — uncheck it and apply the changes. The issue here is that sometimes the server the website you're getting the ASPX file from doesn't properly name the generated file the PDF, the image, the music file, etc. You're just manually taking that last step. You can't always change a file extension to something else and expect it to work under the new format. This case with a PDF file and the ASPX file extension is a very special circumstance because it's basically just a naming error that you're fixing by changing it from.

ASPX to. Sometimes the cause of this problem is browser or plug-in related, so you might have luck loading the page that's generating the ASPX file from a different browser than the one you're using now. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, try switching to Chrome or Firefox. When the browser displays the page, it looks completely normal; this is what the source code behind the page looks like in that example: ASPX Sample Text.

Another tool, although not free, is the popular Adobe Dreamweaver. Sometimes, an ASPX file can be viewed and its contents edited with a simple text file editor. To go that route, try one of our favorite text editors. Many URLs end in default. It can, however, be changed to a different file by an admin. NET I have written code for open a file from repeater link.

The problem is Source code or HTML content is also appending with that file when we try to open the file. It is happening only for text file. Can any one please help me about this. Thanks, Jayanth. FixSQL e. CommandArgument Response. NET 7. NET I am trying this example with an xls file. The problem is that when I open the file before or after saving , all the actual file is appended inside a cell of the xls file in raw format.

JS September 26, I tried the solution proposed by Lic on August 4th, add Response. ClearHeaders before the Response. End , but it did not work.

My Error is the same: Try again later" When I add the Response. With Response. WriteFile objTargetFile. FullName End With testBox. Simit Kulkarni October 09, Here is my Download code, in ASP. End ; Where fileData is binary Array and fileName is name of file.

Now for "English" file name , there is no problem of encoding. But , when file Name is in "Japanese" , some encoding problem arises.

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I receive this fileName from database, which is in UTF-8 encoding. Even this Japanese fileName is displayed properly on screen, in a listing which shows fileName and their size. For Screen , encoding is set to UTF To tackel this problem, I tried by setting Response. Pls can u help me? I Don't know how to set encoding in Response. AddHeader while showing fileName. Melina October 11, NET application to upload files on our server.

Once the file s are uploaded and email is sent out containing a link to the file location. The email's body is a variable of string type and the link used inside the string is a regular html anchor tag as follow: Rick Strahl October 11, NET The way the file is displayed in browser or Save As is determined by the server, not the client so if you want both behaviors based on the situation or user choices you have to parameterize the URL.

Pass a query string that gives you a hint how to serve the content. Raj Sharma October 17, NET the problem is that i require full path instead of Filename when user click on the save box full path should be display in the save text box. AddHeader "Content-Length", targetFile. WriteFile targetFile. End ; c: David October 19, NET Found this page and it helped!

Great stuff. You can be God for the day. Mahalingam October 29, NET Great things to learn. But i want to refresh the page after a file is downloaded , what should i do?

From what I read, this would require me to use the Response. TransmitFile which assumes that there's already an existing file. How do I save this file to the server and delete it once I used the transmitfile?

I've tried using this code: TransmitFile filepath Response. End File. Delete filepath Since the response has ended it wouldn't step to the "File. Delete filepath " code although it displays a dialog box. I've also tried placing the "File. Delete filepath " before the response. What I need is for the the dialog box to prompt so I can save the file to my local drive and delete the copy saved to the server.

Thanks in advance! NET I had written a code which downloads the file, in the best of manner, now the problem i face is a bit different. After the download is completed, i want to redirect the user to some other page. How can i do this? Dhanapal November 13, NET i need popup window action. Gokul Raj November 20, NET Response. TransmitFile is adding the. Do you have any idea how to turn off the culture getting embeded in the content.

Thanks in advance. Bhavnik Gajjar November 22, NET Hi all, I'm facing a very strange problem. We have a zip file to be downloaded from the server.

Solution 2

The code works correctly in most of the machines. But, on our staging server, when the file is downloaded and saved to the local disk, somehow it gets corrupted. Any idea why this happens. Vegetarian Seahorse November 29, NET Good evening, Is it possible that the save-as dialog box automatically bids on an e-bay item when the user clicks save?

But only if they click with their left finger just kidding: D Thanks for your blog. Ramesh November 30, NET Hi All, After downloading file my browser seems to be stop,the upadte buttona nd download links r not woring. I am using this code Response. BinaryWrite objEmployeeLeave. FileAttatch ; Response. Flush ; Any can help me plz.. Jason December 10, Why RegisterStartupScript doesn't work, but putting the js in the button itself does, is another Microsoft mystery.

I found that changing one of the security settings in IE7 for the internet zone Downloads--prompt user to download worked, but asking non-technical users to change their IE settings would have been problematic to say the least.

Thanks again. NET hi, i'm using transmitfile to open the file. The file is placed at remote server. If i try to download with localhost its working fine but if i tried same with my machine ip it opens a blank file. Please help. Praveen December 16, I am having a scenario where users saves a form and gets all those values in a PPT file. This PPT file is getting flushed to the same window. I wanted it to flush it into a new window.

I even did that using form. How can I close this new window? I am using IE 6. Thanks for your time.. DrGreenSticky December 18, NET Thank you, Rick! This was an excellent article!!! I appreciate all that you do. Jeez, I can't believe all the people on here who are asking for free help How else are you going to learn? Scott M December 18, Alex G December 19, Mobile devices Hello, I've used code like the one in the article several times over the years and worked great, however I've recently stumbled on a more particular problem: They seem to completely ignore the "content-disposition" header and it'll save the file with the name in the request path.

Does anyone know a work-around for this? Thanks, Alex. Gene December 19, NET Thanks, this is just what I was looking for. NET Hi all, I need one help regarding download file. I am using showModalDialog insted of window. I am able to save tat generated xml file, but i am not able to open that xml file in that perticular window. I need any one solution out of these 2, either open button disable or open tat perticular xml file in that window.

Alex G December 20, Mobile devices I've found a work-around, for anyone who's interested: The request should contain the desired filename, e. Hope it helps someone: Ashok December 27, I need to get the path of the folder,even the person is selecting file or not using fileupload control.. Thanks in advance Ashok. Xabatcha January 02, NET Hi there, I went through your interesting article. It tells a lot but I am facing some other strange problem with downloading file.

I used both approaches TransferFile The strange thing is that it works but only for second time when client ask for a file. More precisly: Not sure by who, by server or client? Fiddler just tells me that first attempt was cancelled by Server or Client. Does anyone had theis issue before? Any suggestion helps. Xabatcha xabatcha at gmail ;-.

Simon Xin January 10, NET Hi rick, we store small a zip file in dataset in the session and output when users click on the link, but sometimes they cannot download the file correctly. Internet Explorer cannot download from No such interface supported what is going on there??

Write imageRow. Length ; Response. Alv January 13, Rick Strahl January 14, NET Alv - you can't return more than one output from an HTTP request so if you need to download multiple files you have to combine them in some way like a Zip file. One Http response - one output. NET I have tried your codes and i can successfully do the download part for picture.. However i need it now to download a text file..

Prashant Vedpathak January 15, Hi Mr Rick, First of all thanks for ur explanation. It really helped me in my Project. But my problem goes one step further. Instead of showing the client the first window containing Open,Save,Cancel,More info buttons and then after clicking on the Save button; the Save as dialog box appears right. I need to show directly that Save as dialog box as soon as Button is hit. I have tried it a bit. Could u help me in. It will really get me going further in my project work.

Reply ASAP Bye n Thankx Prash. Sneha January 16, NET Hi , I have gone to your code. It would be help ful if i get a complete code of it. Thanks Sneha. Prashant Vedpathak January 17, NET Place this code in ur button click event: End ; and that's it. This is the required i suppose. Find ur file by Server. Mappath and attach it to this. Mr Rick had stated the same procedure; nothing more to add. Its simple Thanks to Rick.

Thanks Prashant. Denver Mike January 26, Glad you made it home okay! That's all fine, but when the user clicks the Information Bar and then "Download File If the user tries to download again, the download works fine. I understand that if the user sets the "Automatic prompt" to Enable under File Downloads, they can avoid the Information bar, but my real question is, why doesn't the initial download work after choosing "Download File Transmit file.

Any suggestion on how to get IE to actually transmit the file the first time the user hits "Download File"? Denver Mike. Briankorobele January 28, Downloading a File from database using C hello Guys I am new in this world of programming ,this site is really hot and fun I have found so many solution for my projects. Text ; cmd. Now ; cmd. ExecuteNonQuery ; lblMsg. ExecuteReader ; dr.

Read ; Response. Write byte[] dr["attachment"], 0, int dr[""] ; Response. AddHeader "Content-Length", file. WriteFile Filename ; Response. Message; cnn. Santosh Singh February 07, Could anyone please tell me How to open "Save as dialog box " in mobile.

Jay February 13, GetEncoding "iso". Write a, 0, Convert. ToInt32 a. ClearContent ; Response. ClearHeaders ; Response. Write objMemoryStream. GetBuffer , 0, Convert. ToInt32 objMemoryStream. Flush ; but instead of getting the actual file name iam getting the aspx page.

Larry Smith February 13, NET Rick, Great article. I have a slight twist on this.


I need to download an mp3 from a remote url in IE6. IE7 works by simply adding the following: Read buffer, 0, buffer. Length ; memoryStream. NET Ok. Apparently my issue was caused by using the full url instead of getting the filename.

The following code works with both versions as well as Firefox: QueryString[ "link" ]! Length - lastIndex - 1 ; Response. Length ; ms. February 19, NET Great! Rick Very interesting!

I tried to use your suggest. Now a question: I saved a lot of excel files on server. I wish that the end user downloads the files on his PC. I don't like single operation for single file. How can I zip all files on server? And, after having zipped them, can end user download and save the zipped file on his computer? Any ideas? I thank all of you! NET i say , thanks 2 all.

Robert February 25, NET Hi and thanks for very relevant stuff: Your reply: I tried changing Response. EncodingType without any luck. My example: NET Hi everybody, On click of a button, I am able to download all the files from database and also saving to hard disk of the server with out any Save dialog box. But i want to save the files at client machine rather than saving at server.

Could you please help me out to do this. Its very urgent Thanks in advance NET Good Post. Eva March 10, NET Hi! I use an iframe to view files. When I run the aplication on my localhost it works fine. On the live aplication server it also works fine in Firefox, but in Internet Explorer 6, I only get the option to download pdf's and when I click to view a.

Could anybody help me with this issue? Carl March 18, NET Hi, Rick. I've seen others ask about this but so far no one has answered. Just wondering if you or anyone has figured this one out. I want to be able to open file types recognized as web files. However, this causes the window to open before the dialog.

If the user clicks "Cancel" in the dialog, it leaves the blank browser window. Any ideas on how to either force the empty window to close, or to not open it until and if the user clicks "Open"? Thanks, Carl. Rick Strahl March 18, NET Carl - that's browser behavior and you can't change it. When you hit a download link and target to another frame that window will always open first and then the file will open and you're stuck with the window. But if you're trying to force a Save As In the local window the window stays as it is so you don't lose anything.

Marvin March 19, When you have a file. But got a question about this, wich is: If i right click the link and say save as. DOC or. HTML it works was wondering if its possible to use your solution, but till now no success Thanks in advanced. Marius March 26, NET You can also do the following. Format "window. RegisterStartupScript this. GetType , "RunStatement" , statement ;. William F April 08, Have you any ideas? NET hiii it will work for a single file. Raghu April 10, The only problem is when I click on Open button , it pops another dialouge with Name: The same code is working on first request and its alternative requests fails to show the report Please suggest me what is the problem in opening the report on Even open clicks.

What Is an ASPX File?

The below lines of code that renders the report. Close ; Response. Rakesh April 15, In my project I used a file download dialog box using the same code as given in the above article.

My problem is: How we confirm programmatically that file download is completed or not, such that I can update my database. NET hi , iam using the following code to open or save a file. FileInfo serverpath ; Response. WriteFile serverpath ; Response. End ; pls help me.. NET How about the encording of file name? Gopi April 28, Transmitfile ; Below Code Working fine when I am working in local system.

Same code with IpAdress or from server not working Eg: Trim ; Response. TransmitFile FilePath ; Response. End ; Working fine in Localsystem, From server not working. Want to view MHTML file in browser, unbale to view images of file in browser Hi Rick, i am able to view mhtml file in browser, but images are not displaying in the browser window.

SetLength objFile. Length ; objFile. Read storeStream. GetBuffer , 0, int objFile. BinaryWrite prescan ; Response. Write prescan, 0, prescan. End ; if any have solution then please post here. Thanks, Sunder Chhokar. I have a page from which the user can generate a Word document, which is posted back to the user as a MIME attachment.

That's not the problem as such, as it works with Firefox on the XP machine that I'm developing on. However, on another XP machine, after the attachment is saved, all the buttons on the page that use javascript: All the same buttons work fine before the attachment is downloaded, its only afterwards that the problem emerges. Buttons that load different pages work fine too, its only postbacks that become a problem. Its a bit odd, as I can't recreate the problem on my XP machine, and I can't figure out any significant difference in the configuration of Firefox either.

I assume it must be some client-side configuration issue, but do you have an idea of what I'm missing? I thought it might be some security setting that I don't know about, maybe not in the browser at all? Please help if you can!! Regards Paul. David May 14, NET Hi,all Great article rick.. I wish to know whether using the method described in the article, i shall not receive the following error: Do you have an equivalent of response. Transmitfile for asp. Sami May 15, NET Hi, all I was wondering if somebody could tell me what is wrong with the code I am using, I am having some problems, for example only one client could download the file, two people can not download it at the same time, even though same client could download it more than one time concurrently.

I have asked some friends to test it and it downloads 0 byte to their computer. AddHeader "Content-Disposition: AppendHeader "Content-Length", "contentlength" ; Response.

AppendHeader "Connection", "close" ; Response. End ; I treid to download remote file using various methods like this one: GetResponse ; Response. Read buffer, 0, int response. End ; and the problem with that is it downloads it to memeory and the website would hang until the file is finished after that it prompt the customer to save the file, but for a normal customer they would think there is something wrong with the website. I would appreciate any help with both.

Ali May 15, NET Hi, I've a problem, when I push a file from server-side, IE-7 blocks it and displays a bar that "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer".

So is there any way to unblock it using C. Gopinath May 18, NET hi everybody This is first time i meet you. I create a website with ASP. In my website downloading part is very important. But i don't know how to do this. I need if the user click download button then the dialog box open for a path where to save the file. Pllllllllzzzzzzzzz anybody help me. Including mr. Jason Smith June 03, NET The code works perfectly, but is there a way that I can return the path that the user saved the file to.

I want to log this information. TransmitFile returns void. How could I go about tracking the path where the user has saved the file. Thanks Jason. Mar June 03, NET Rick, It is very nice article. But I have different problem, when user clicks button we normally stream the data and open the document but I want that file to be sent to printer[clientside] directly without showingthe document to client.

Any solution? Al June 11, NET wow bunch of dumbo's asking for solution, and not one of you was able to solve ur issue by urself and post the solution for others. Keith June 11, It worked locally but not from the site that I deployed to. Locally, the dialog would appear fine. After some trial and error, I figured out that the remote site needed to be added to the Trusted Sites list. After doing that, it worked fine. Santanu Roy June 13, NET Thanx Rick, it is really a good solution!!!

John June 13, NET Some people add Response. AddHeader "Content-Length", content. ToString in their download code, whereas Rick did not. When is it required that you specify Content-Length yourself? Rick Strahl June 14, NET buffers the output and automatically appends the content length because it knows before it ever sends the output including TransmitFile how big the content is. Setting content length is required only when output is not buffered and sent in chunks ie.

Flush and completion dynamically. In those cases it can help browsers determine the end of the content. Olyvia June 16, I am trying to download a file from ftp server.

I have a grid which displays the list and when the user selects one, I open a pop-up where the download occurs. It is working nicely but when unless I try to show an image while the download process is going on, I get the above mentioned error.

Create new Uri "ftp: ToString ; req FTP. DownloadFile; req FTP. Read respBuffer, 0, respBuffer. GetBuffer ; Response.

Close ; response.

Pinky June 23, NET Hi, I am doing the download proces in a pop-up window and want to close the pop-up after the download completes and the Save dialog box appears. But I am unable to close the window, even through javascript.

BinaryWrite no other script works. Matt Davis June 30, This is technically true but there is a get-around. For each file you could create a new aspx page and put Rick's code in the page load event of the life cycle. Then back on the page with the download link, you just call response. This obviously is not ideal as you will need a seperate aspx page for every file you want to offer for download and ensure that the correct filename is being referenced in the page load event of each page.

However, I personally think this is a small overhead as it does not take long to create a simple "out of the box" aspx page, with no master applied etc.

NET Also, it would probably be best to apend some stuff on the query string from the calling code - that way you could do this with just one page and also prevent people from stumbling across the page and getting the save as dialog popup..

Again, this isn't ideal, but if you have to use AJAX update panels then it might be worth it. NET hi friends in my project i use a hyperlink in datalist on hyperlink click i want a text file open in own extension. NET brilliant.

Dimitrije July 10, End ; but by doing so I stop the execution of the page and I cannot do anything else, and there are some thing I would like to do, for instance show user that he download was successful, prompt him to go to home page, or I don't know redirect him to a page somethig like SuccessfulDownload.

David Gutherz July 10, NET Man you're awesome, you don't have idea how mucho you helped me in my website hehehe, because of you i'll get my profesional diploma hehehe.

Ravi July 14, NET Hi Rick, I am facing a very strange problem with the download code, I have written a code to download a file from the server.

But when we are trying to download a file from a machine which has Windows XP and IE 6 on it the blank popup remains open and file is also opened in the associated application. Most of our clients have XP machine and we can't force our every user to migrate to IE7, We have tried our best ways to close that blank popup but all is futile. Thanks Ravi. NET hai i want to download a file from ftp directory? Pankaja Shankar July 16, I have to bring up GAL at least have access to the outlook address folders of the client machine and not depend on Outlook be installed on the webserver off of where our ASP.

Net website runs. Our application is built in the ASP. Net 3. My question, is there any way to do?

One idea, that came to my mind is on a client call back, from the RaiseCallbackEvent method, to use something like Response. ContentType or the likes ot it, that to access the client's local outlook folders address book or GAL. Please let me know, if you have any ideas at the earliest. Any help is greatly appreciated, as I am on a time crunch.

NET To download without fire download save box use Response. NET if facing exception.. Read getContent, 0, int sourceFile.

Length ; sourceFile. BinaryWrite getContent ;. Glenn Johnson July 23, But when I click "Open".. I get a Microsoft Excel warning dialog appearing that states.. You cannot open two documents with the same name, even if the documents are in different folders.

Forums - C# Corner

To open the second document, either close the document that's currently open, or rename one of the documents. AddHeader , and it is using this URL to establish "its" idea of what the streamed file is called! If I could use a different URL everytime this wouldn't be an issue.. Cheers, Glenn. Sales validate our art. It shows that people like what we do well enough to want to own it. For many years life was too hectic raising children, working and going to school. Now that my children are pretty much grown, I have more time to concentrate on what I love to do.

I am challenged again. Vivekanandan August 04, NET Hi Rick, We have provided the download a xml file through a popup page aspx and do the same above you provided. We have one aspx page and update panel and all other pages are user controls. All user controls will be load on the update panel.

When we need to download then we popup a aspx page the generate file and write it to Response object and its works fine. We have to send large amount of data to the popup page so we avoid the querystring option. We tried the following ways. We wrote the data in to Session object and using ScriptManager. RegisterClientScriptBlock and popup the page. We get the following exception while calling End method on Response object: We use the hidden field in the main page and get these values on the end of the popup page and then auto submit the page and download works but it asks from user on IE "To help protect your security, Internet Explorer blocked this site from downloading files to your computer.

Click here for options" We have to right click and then allow to download the file. We set PostbackUrl on the button and it works fine, But after download the Postbackurl has been set on each button so when we click any button then download the same file again and again.

We used javascript and popuped a aspx page and download a xml file and works fine. But we needs to send large data to that popup page and then download. Could you please give us how to download a xml file from a user control page or how to overcome our issues in the downloading?

Thanks, Vivekanandan. Shoaib August 07, NET Thankyou guys for giving so much stuff on fileuploading. Its seems every one have an issue with FileUpload in asp. Me too realy fight with download file. Here is the code that works System. AppendHeader "Content-Length", file. End ; One suggetion to all. Just block those extension which you done want while you upload files. Have Fun Zafar http: I have an httphandler I use to download mp3 files. I cannot get around windows media player opening up.

Here is the code block I tried this in a handler and in a page with the same result Response. NET i am facing an issue regarding downloading. But now the problem came while try to download it's not getting the file name. According to my knowledge the application can get the files only in server machine.

As i need to solve this issue. If anyone came across this sitution please help me. Thanks, Roji. Deepa September 07, Daniel September 11, NET This works like a charm to download text base files: StringWriter sw.

WriteLine "line1" sw. WriteLine "line2" sw. WriteLine "line3" sw. WriteLine "line4 Response. Write sw Response. Raj September 23, But after saving or opening the file from my page.

When you click on export to button it is working and after than i want to click on view in grid button where it is not working. Deniz October 20, BinaryWrite to return an Office Document. I had to use Response. Erik Norman October 28, The code looks like this Response. It is within an APSX page so when there are no documents the aspx page is loaded and the user sees a no-documents-available-error-message.

Well, I have noticed that on some computers it doesn't display correctly in the browser but asks to save the file. When saved with the extension. I guess there is a problem with the browser believing it is Is there a way to set a filename in the header without forcing the browser to open the save dialog? I want the pdf stream to be displayed in the browser directly, and it would be nice to have the possibility to set a filename so when the user wants to save the file the filename is already set.

Sim November 21, I am not understanding the problem please if any one could help me on this. Following is the code in VB. FileInfo lPath If lfile.This path is stored in database.. Abhay Khanwalkar July 04, AddHeader "Content-DownloadOptions", "noopen" ; this line does not work. NET Reflector. Anyone has any idea how that can be done?

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