ADXL/ADXL FEATURES. 2-Axis Acceleration Sensor on a Single IC Chip. Measures Static Acceleration as Well as Dynamic. Acceleration. Duty Cycle . The ADXL can measure both dynamic acceleration (e.g., vibration) and static PDF. kB. ADXLE - Low-Cost ± 2g Dual-Axis Accelerometer With Duty. Digital Temperature Sensors. All Product Categories. Design Center. download Online. ADXL - ±2 g Dual Axis Accelerometer. Data Sheets q. Rev A, 10/ (pdf.

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user to quickly evaluate the performance of the ADXL dual axis ±2 g accelerometer. Only three additional through-hole passive. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The ADXLEBA is an evaluation board for the ADXL dual axis, 2 g accelerometer. The board demonstrates the ADXL INTRODUCTION. The ADXL/ADXL are low cost, complete two-axis accelerometers with pulse width modulated outputs that can measure both static .

Furthermore, there is that develop different centrifugal accelerations additional uncertainty pertaining to internal damping.

MEMS devicescan be characterizedfor aviation applications as being low cost and low kc - centrifugal acceleration weight. As such they can be used for navigation and autopilot systems assuming its performance can be al - rotation speed augmentedto desirableaccuracy. Page: r - distanceof MEMS accelerometerfrom temperaturewill be varied while there is no stimulus turntablecenter radius other than gravity to the sensor.

ADXL202 Datasheet (data sheet) PDF

The accelerometer output will be read and usedto construct a fuzzy logic Figure 1 showsa flow diagram of the learning system. For each accurate algorithm that will enable huge amount of MEMS acceleration e. This processwill ultimately provide high- training. The measurementsare fed to a wireless performance, low-cost MEMS sensors. The above modem and transmitted to the receiver modem that exercise will later on be repeated for a family of sends it to the PC via RS This procedure is MEMS gyros and other sensing devices measuring repeatedfor many different values of o and r pairs different physical parameters.

ADXL202 Datasheet, Low Cost +-2 g/+-10 g Dual Axis iMEMS Accelerometers with Digital Output

These measurementsare then used as training and validation 5. References samplesfor the NN. Jeffry J. The backpropagationalgorithm was Laboratories usedfor training the NN system.

Guckel, D. Burns, C.

Visser, H. On Elect. Devices, Bipolar sigmoid was usedas the activation function: Vol.

Alternatively, the rate of change of tilt may be evaluated and if its absolute value is above 0. Each technique has certain advantages. The former algorithm is better at false alarm rejection due to jostling of the car, while the rate of change algorithm may be set up to react more quickly.

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Algorithms using a combination of both techniques may be used as well. It is left to the reader to decide which technique is best for their application.

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While all of the concepts presented here are valid for both algorithms, for consistency this application note will describe the former absolute inclination algorithm. For the purpose of the following discussion, we will assume a less than perfect tilt sensitivity for the accelerometer of 15 m g per degree of tilt, or 75 m g for 5 degrees. For reliability purposes, we would like to have a noise floor about 10 times lower than this, or around 8 m g.

Since towing a car takes at least a few seconds, we are free to narrow the bandwidth to lower the noise floor. An analog or digital low pass filter may be used, but since low pass filtering in the digital domain is very simple, it is the preferred method.

By taking the average of 16 samples we reduce the effective bandwidth to The resulting noise performance is approximately 8.For reliability purposes, we would like to have a noise floor about 10 times lower than this, or around 8 m g.

ADXL202 数据手册 ( 数据表 ) - Analog Devices

In general we are interested in knowing if the inclination of the car has changed more than 5 degrees from its inclination when initially parked. Alternatively, the rate of change of tilt may be evaluated and if its absolute value is above 0. The measuring device Mechanical Systems MEMS production costs of consists of two accurate and expensive Sunstrand sensingdevicesare expectedto fall further [ 1,2, 3,4].

This means that the proposed approachof using only NN has improved the accuracy by a magnitudeof an order.

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