The Magicians is a new adult fantasy novel by the American author Lev Grossman, published . The Magicians won the Alex Award, given to ten adult books that are appealing to young adults, and its author won the John W. The Magicians book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A thrilling and original coming-of-age novel for adults about a y. “If you like the Harry Potter books you should also read Lev Grossman's Magicians series, which is a very knowing and wonderful take on the wizard school.

The Magicians Book

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It may sound blasphemous, but in our The Magicians book comparison, we come to the conclusion that the TV adaptation is better than the. Magicians Trilogy. The Magicians. download the Book. The Magicians · Learn More > · The Magician King. download the Book. The Magician King · Learn More >. The Magicians is a fantasy novel by Lev Grossman. It tells the story of The final book in the Trilogy titled, The Magician's Land, was published in August

The Magicians

The memory erasure did not work correctly and she has become deranged and obsessed with learning magic. Quentin tells her the school's location, hoping she will have her memory properly erased.

Upon graduation, Quentin and the other Physical Kids spend their days and nights in hedonistic pursuits. While still looking for a purpose, his erstwhile classmate Penny arrives with news about travel between worlds: Fillory is real.

The group finds magical wonders in Fillory and meet The Beast, who is revealed to be Martin Chatwin, the lost eldest child from the "Fillory and Further" books, who has sacrificed his humanity in order to stay in the magical world forever. After a brutal fight, Alice sacrifices herself to kill Martin, Penny loses both of his hands and chooses to remain in the Neitherlands, a realm between the worlds, and a gravely injured Quentin is left in the care of a group of centaurs while the others fear that he will never awaken from his coma.

Quentin Coldwater

Upon awakening many months later, Quentin becomes depressed and disillusioned, especially when Jane, the youngest Chatwin, reveals herself to have been pulling the strings throughout her siblings' and Quentin's stories. By using a magical time-traveling device, she finally succeeded in killing Martin by leading Quentin and his friends to the confrontation. Back on Earth, Quentin takes a high-paying non-magical job where he spends his time playing video games. Main article: List of The Magicians characters Quentin Makepeace Coldwater — A high school student strongly attached to a series of children's books about a magical land called Fillory, Quentin discovers and attends a college of magic before discovering Fillory is real and traveling there.

Alice Quinn — A talented and natural magician whom Quentin meets while attending Brakebills. She is initially extremely reserved, but opens up when she is placed with Quentin in the Physical Magic group.

She and Quentin eventually develop a relationship. Eliot Waugh — A talented magician, and close friend of Quentin's. He is two years older than Quentin and Alice, and in the same year as Josh and Janet.

Josh Hoberman — The overweight jokester-slacker of the Physical Magic group, Josh offers much of the novel's comic relief.

Janet — Another student in the Physical Magic group. Janet is portrayed as both deeply insecure and surprisingly strong.

Contemporaries, observe: All three Magicians books tap out at around pages. So you see, it is possible. Much later, another character rebuilds a dying land in eight paragraphs.

Compare this to, say, Tolkien, who once devoted a whole chapter to finding mushrooms.

It was literally called "A Short Cut to Mushrooms. A comparison to Tolkien is inevitable for any fantasy writer—as is a comparison to C. Lewis, J. Rowling, and just about every other fantasist who ever was T.

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But with Grossman, the comparison is even more unavoidable than usual. The goal, it seems, is to be so derivative, so plagiaristic in its parts, that their sum somehow circles back in an Ouroboros of meta-magic and achieves a kind of renewed originality.

You should read these books. But are they significant? Do we want future generations to consider this series a masterpiece of ours?

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The answer, at least to me, is no. Fantasy is ultimately about invention—pushing the imagination so far it threatens to snap. And those littler fissures, those breaks with reality, is where magic is born.

Not enough of the Magicians trilogy lives and grows in those weird cracks; too little of it is truly inventive. In the end, it basically amounts to a redrawing of Narnia in crazy colors. In that way, Magicians really is a perfect series for our time, since postmodernism is defined by that kind of pastiche and self-reflexivity. Lev Grossman himself is certainly capable of greatness.

Most of the spells took multiple whales to cast, and were designed to bend and herd large clouds of krill, and occasionally to reinforce the integrity of large ice shelves.

But to earn a spot next to a Lewis or a Tolkien, you need to do that everywhere. But of course he is.Especially to someone lik Prepare yourselves for a rant-filled scathing review. Julia, Janet, and Alice all play minor roles, rotating around Quentin.

It was one of the few things he could depend on. It is the boot camp of magic. One day during class, a bored Quentin tampers with a spell and an otherworldly horror referred to as "the Beast" enters Brakebills. I get that Grossman deliberately ripped off Harry Potter; my point is that he's an untalented f-cking hack for doing so, and that such a thing is profoundly offensive to those of us who are adult genre fans, and who do enjoy the Harry Potter books precisely for their sense of joy and wonder.

To be clear, I hated the first novel.

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