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Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Professor Anne Rice Publisher: He shrank into his corner. He had pushed the bed into the corner.

Mammalian impulse, the Parents would havesaid. But he did feel safer, foolishly safer, in his corner, and with his blanket half coveringhim. But the silence of the two was unnerving to Derek. He wiped at his nose and looked up at Rhoshamandes and what he saw startled him. Other blood drinkers had come and gone above, but the only two blood drinkers Derekhad known were Roland and Arion, and this new one was vastly different, harder, smootherall over, with a face that looked like living marble and eyes that bored into Derek as if theycould burn.

A ring that was a sapphire,and another that was a diamond, and yet another that was old gold. They all think ofthemselves as princes, princes of the night and they dress like princes. And they drink theblood of humans as if the humans were animals, as if they themselves had never beenhuman, and surely they had been once. Something had changed them into what they were.

No one would make such things as they. That was unthinkable. He licked his lips. Finding hishandkerchief under his pillow, he wiped at his face. His gray eyes were hard and cunning. And when I drink from him, I see the faces of others…a woman and three men. He had an address inMadrid when I brought him here. I had it watched for a year through my lawyers.

It yieldednothing. He continued to stare at Derek as if therewas something horrible about Derek. Well, what could that be?

Derek was formed exactly like a human male of eighteen totwenty years in age. He had been made to look appealing to humans.

He would have cut it had he been given scissors. He had noidea really how he looked now, however, because he had no mirror. Indeed, there was nothing in this prison cell but the bed, a table beside it, the shelf ofbooks, and a small refrigerator with bland and uninteresting packaged foods that comfortedhim only a little when he had the stomach to eat them.

Drink as youwould from any mortal. Drink all that you care to drink. Arion also drinks from him. Arionhas drunk from him plenty. I want you to drink from him, Rhosh. What a pair! Derek smiled. He almost laughed. But then Rhosh looked away, downat the bed, at the walls, at the mean furnishings—anywhere but not back to Derek, whocontinued to stare at him in silence.

Drink as muchas you like, I mean this, as much as you ever drank from any victim. He will lie still, without a pulse, without a breath. Healthy, whole. He glared at Roland. Think back. Think hard. I have seen one other very like him. And so have you. Try toremember. He seemed slightly annoyed. You and I. Hemade his mind a blank as if these words had no import for him, when in fact they meanteverything.

Go on, talk, explain. His soul ached. Something in the circuitry of his brainblocked them. Only when they drank from him could they sometimes access his thoughts, catch fromhim images he sought unsuccessfully to bury. It was a wonderfulnight. And we saw the being together, you and I, across from us in the dress circle. I do remember. The one in the box with PrinceBrovotkin. And afterwards, we tried to find them, the Prince and the other one.

The hair was the same, thick like this and with loose curls and the very samegolden streak in it, only broader and on the right side of the head. The tears came tohis eyes again. Good, cry, and think about being hungry and wanting some red wine. Redwine, red wine, red wine…Who was it they had seen—with the very same golden streak in hishair! On the right side of his head? Bury the names as deeply as you can.

Bury them, alongwith the faces, along with the story, along with the betrayal—. It was exceptionally long,unfashionably long, it gave the creature a savage look, unkempt, almost feral, but thecreature was smooth shaven.

This one has no need of a razor. And that one had no needeither, I wager. Well, whether you remember or not, I remember. And this creature likelyknows that creature and how many others like them there are and, more important, whatthey are, and how they came to be here.

He gave a dismissive shrug. He was frustrating Roland and Rolandwas revealing it.

Blood Communion by Anne Rice

Derek looked at them out of the corner of his eye. Heglared at Roland. Roland glanced at Derek and gave him the usual maddeningly gentle smile. You arenot friendly. You do not cooperate. By any law under the sun and the moon, this is wrong. I am not yourproperty. I am not your slave. Another one! Another one lives. And Amel. This Rhoshamandes had spoken more about Amel than Derek had everglimpsed when Roland drank from him.

This Rhoshamandes creature glared at Derek again as if he were a little intrigued butrepelled. You come from times longpast, before this one came into the world. I heard you speaking upstairs!

Surely you havesome morality. You remember something of human reverence for right and wrong. You spokeof a prince who injured you, affronted you. But it was about right and wrong, your quarrel,was it not?

Prince Lestat

Listen to me. Why did hehave to be the one who felt things so deeply? He turned away. In a flash he pictured theothers with him, comforting him the way they had always done. And he told himself as hehad countless times, If you are alive, they are alive. If you are walking this earth once more,they could be walking this earth. But something was changing in the room. Rhoshamandes sat down beside him on the bed. Slowly Derek turned and looked at him. Such pure skin, pure as liquid, as if it had beenpoured over the being, as if it had never been human!

Yes, I look human, Derek thought, andthese beings cease to be human apparently with every passing year. I want you to yield to me, to allow it. Drag the truth fromhim in the blood. Derek gazed up at Roland, the white-haired Roland with the graven wrinkles of mortalold age inscribed forever perhaps in his long oval face. Roland of the cold indifferent eyes. Before Arion had come, this face was the only face that Derek had seen for nine years.

Nothing works. He will not tell me anything. In spite of himself Derek felt chills, the sweet high-pitched chills of being touched byanother with seeming affection, even one as cold and inhuman as this being. He closed his eyes and swallowed.

The tears poured down his cheeks. Such apleasing voice. He really had no idea. He refused to even entertain theidea. With his whole being, heknew that he had a soul. He was a soul! And his soul was Derek, and Derek suffered andDerek wanted to live! And Derek wanted to be freed from this prison.

Rhoshamandes embraced him gently and brought Derek closer to him, and once again hebent to drink.

Prince Lestat epub

Derek closed his eyes, and felt the fang teeth touching his neck. That was the way with them. Even before theyfeasted on him, the hunger made them drunken. Their eyes glazed over. Their hearts tripped. They became their thirst. They turned into beasts. They looked like angels, but they were actually beasts. Everyone you kill has a soul. Then came the sharp fine stinging pain andimmediately behind it the rush of sweetness, of more of those rippling chills on his neck, hisback, down his arms and legs.

The world dissolved, and with it the fetid dust and soot of thedungeon cell. And he was floating as this thing drew the blood out of him in deep slow draughts. In a mighty unexpected flash Derek saw a long table, blood drinkers on either side of it,and a blond-haired figure with an ax in his hand.

The Prince! What a comely being, and withsuch a beguiling smile. Down came the ax and the Prince held up the severed left hand. Derek saw the hand and the limb on the table. He felt the pain thatRhosh had felt, splintering, burning into his shoulder and then gone. Tell me where my son is. Or you will die.

So that was it, was it? Derek was growing weaker. I would hurt you, if I could. I am sworn never to hurt human beings on this planet,never, but your humanity long ago went dry inside you, and I would cheerfully torture you…. He was gone. He was drifting without a body, without a place.

But then he was just there. They were gone, the monsters of the present moment in Budapest. Derek was in great Atalantaya with the others, his kindred, his own—Kapetria andGarekyn and Welf, all of them together, holding hands, his sister and his brothers—and theywere watching as the Great One appeared. The Great One was unmistakable, a finefigure of a human male with a skin of unearthly paleness, and green eyes, and full reddish-golden hair.

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Well, he did look like a god, if gods are pale and shining. He was in the dream but not in control of it.

And for one moment the world was frozen. No more Rhosh. No more voice. No more defenses. Just now…the warm sunlightpouring through the great clear luracastric dome of Atalantaya, beautiful Atalantaya… Voice of the Parents. You must get inside the dome. Remember, you must strike againsthim inside the dome. All around them stood the populace of Atalantaya, dark eyed and dark haired as theywere, Derek and Welf and Garekyn and Kapetria.

But there came the Great One with theunearthly attributes of the god. All around them in the windows of the high buildings and towerswere faces turned to see the Great One. People stood way above on the rooftops looking down on the freshly turned field that lay ready for the object which the Great One now planted inthe moist, fragrant soil.

Suddenly everyone was singing, singing in a rolling wordless melody. People put theirarms around one another and began to sway as they sang.

Kapetria put her arm aroundDerek, her familiar smile flashing warmly on him. And Derek held tight to Garekyn. And thefountains poured forth their water, raining down on the oval as the oval began to grow largerand larger and then to break open, its thin casing peeled back as if into a collection of petalsout of which the great tall glistening shoots began to grow. All of this is chemical. Everything you seehere is chemical.

He is making the common people feel apart of it; he has given them a ritual so that they are united in it. Oh, he has been so clever, sovery clever. How proud he was, howhappy. Tears hovered in his eyes. He stood there, weight on his left foot, the other leg relaxed,his long blue tunic hanging loose around him, such richly colored wool, splendidly stitchedwith golden acorns at the hem, and so bright the buckle that sparkled on his belt and thebuckles on his shoulders.

How he gloried in it, and then his eyes fixed on Derek and even forDerek he smiled. The great clear shoots of luracastria were spreading out now, broadening, growingthicker, and then transforming themselves into great sheets of clear shimmering materialrising higher and higher and growing wider and wider as the immense surrounding crowdbegan to cheer as well as sing.

It was likeseeing a great tree grow from a seed in a matter of minutes, thrusting forth its mighty limbs,its tiniest leaves, its flowers, its seeds.

Everywhere the people laughed, shouted, and pointed, punctuating the waves of singingwhich never stopped. Up and up went the tower until it was now as tall as all the others, asplendid edifice of doorways and balconies and windows, grown out of the oval which wasnow lost beneath it, as its tentacles anchored themselves deep in the earth.

Derek could hearthem. Why, the thing had been growing downwards as surely as it had grown upwards. Everything in the center of Atalantaya is built of luracastria, behold luracastria—in oneform or another, even the great dome is luracastria.

So very happy. How could anyone want to destroy all this, destroythe Great One, destroy all these people, these happy multitudes, these souls whose songsrose Heavenward under the dome? It was unthinkable to him, as unthinkable to him as theidea of his own death.

A fear took hold of him, so terrible that he began to tremble. It was fading. I want to be with you, Kapetria. Hold tight to me! Where are you! Find me. Welf, Garekyn, find me. No sound from his own heart. Yes, a human would be dead now. He knew this, but itseemed to take forever for him to know it again, and know it was finished, and he would havehis mind and his body back. Surely Rhoshamandes had let him go. But his brain was working. The cells in his bone marrow were working.

He looks dead; he sounds dead; he feels dead. Just be patient.

The thing is not dead. Then the fragrance of the room again, damp stone, the soot from the littlefireplace for which there was neither wood nor coal. The smell of the blood drinkers, of skinthat had been in the sun to burn it by day as they slept so they could pass for human, and thescents of their clothes and their perfume. The smell of books, of old pages. Well, not me. It lasts longer.

And laughed. How Derek hated that laugh. Look at his hands, his fingers, his nails. All through him he felttingling and the tingling was Derek. But they continued to talk.

And his soul recorded every heartless word they spoke. But what did you see? Did he give you anything? It was as if askyscraper, an intricate high-rise tower made of glass were growing from an egg! How did he see these things? Help me. Derek felt the tears slide down his cheeks. It would be a while before hecould feel his body again. But he could feel his tears. Get me out of here—Garekyn. Garekyn, was it you that they saw in Saint Petersburg? Garekyn, your brother isalive.

And I saw his companions with him, creatures wholooked like him as you said. They had these streaks to identify themselves to one another. Or identify them tosomeone else. He can hear keenly. He can hear theconversations we have in the rooms above. Roland, this Great One, this one whoplanted the seed that grew into a skyscraper, it was Amel!

They were leaving him. The door shut, the key turned in thelock. The bolts slid into place. Soft footfalls on the staircase. Finely dressed, dressed as if in my time. Roland, it could have been longbefore my time!

Derek strained to hear them. What have I done! Rhoshamandes talked excitedly. For a moment the words confusedDerek, but he had only to wait, to concentrate before they became clear. Soon thesense was clear. He sounded sullen and cross, Roland. He hadnot the wit or passion of his friend, Rhoshamandes. What does that matter to us? I could use that payment. I could use it for centuries to come. Ineed such a payment. Think no more on any problem with gold. Sounds of traffic. Vibrations moving down through the earth under the traffic.

Rhoshamandes was still speaking in a rush of excited words, Derek could no longerunderstand him. And the monsters had left the house. Derek sat up. He was nauseated, weak, thirsting.

He grabbed for the pitcher on the tablebeside him. The monsters had left him without water. He lay back down againthirsting from every pore in his body. With all his will, he tried to feel vigor but his body wasdeadweight. No one must know of this until I think this through. He stared at the distant lightbulb, thissoiled ugly light shining in its rusted cage, and he cried with all his soul.

He rolled over on his left side, and brought the blanket up over his shoulder. Was it safenow to remember that moment, when the tower had blossomed and grown from the egg?

Was it all right to remember their being together, roaming Atalantaya together in thoseendless warm days and nights? He was walking again, with his arm around Garekyn underthe great arching green banana leaves, and everywhere he looked there were flowers, pinkand red and yellow and purple, flowers of such colors—petals caught swirling in the breeze.

Vines climbed the walls of luracastria, and clusters of petals shivered above him, clustersshaped like clusters of grapes. Arion woke him. Arion had come in and sat on the bed beside him. He opened the glistening plastic bottle of cold water and he drank anddrank.

And I brought you this too. Derek took it without a word and devoured it down tothe core and then swallowed the seeds and the stem. How fresh and sweet it tasted. He layback staring at the ceiling. So sweet. He saw the endless fruit trees of Atalantaya, the yellowand orange fruit. You could pick the fruit anywhere at any time. Arion sat there staring off.

He was dressed simply in a sweatshirt and jeans and an oldleather jacket with shiny worn elbows. He had none of the elegance of Roland, none of thevanity, none of the preoccupation with subtle ornament. He looked sad, so terribly sad. Then he removed something small from his pocket.

It had a thin white cord attachedand an earpiece. Derek accepted the device gratefully and tried to figure it out but unlike his last iPod, hisiPod of ten long years ago, this one was a flat piece of glass. With a few quick taps, Arion brought it to life. Derek followed his fingers, and heard asurge of music, a surge of mingled voices. Oh, this was priceless. This was too wondrous. This was like amagic portal out of his despicable prison.

He bent forward and put his arm around Arion and kissed his cold face. Like stone, it felt,so smooth, as if it were polished stone.


They all felt that way, these blood drinkers. Arion sat there silent for a moment, pondering, his brows knitted and the iPod held idlyin his hand. From the Court, the Court of the Prince. I think it comes from America. There aretwo sound threads, one for humans and a lower one, one only for us.

Listen to it. He took it and plugged it in behind the little refrigerator. But I cannot sin against my host. He was staring off again. He did not like eyecontact.

Just listen to the music if youwant to. I mustgo.

The mortal servants would notcome till late afternoon, and they never ventured down the stairs. The city of Budapest roaredwith the world of daytime. Derek played with the iPod.

It was not so complicated at all. Now that was marvelously clever. He lay back on his bed listening. And to let you know that our beloved Prince has now officially turned the night-by-nightgovernance of the tribe over to the Council of Elders, who will soon be drawing up for us ourown constitution and laws. In the meantime, those who wish to be in the good graces of theCourt know how to conduct themselves.

No more arguments, quarrels, pitched battles. Nomore feeding on the innocent. Brothers and Sisters, remember, as I say so often, we are nolonger parentless!

He got up, clutching the little gadget as he listenedand walked round and round the little room. He drank more of the water that Arion hadbrought him, all the while listening. He did not care that there was no purpose to which hecould put this new knowledge of his captors. This was a voice speaking to him, and he wasnot alone. The old monastery of Saint Alcarius was northeast of Paris, in adeep forest near the Belgian border. Amel and I were both determined to pay Gremt a visit.From the Court, the Court of the Prince.

Derek saw the hand and the limb on the table. Only older vampires possess this power, but no one can say when and how a vampire acquires it. It was fading. The world dissolved, and with it the fetid dust and soot of thedungeon cell.

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