Microsoft Word (Level 1). Description: Download free course material and training word for beginners (PDF file 15 pages); Size: KB. There is many versions of Microsoft Office. ,,, etc. Bangla E- books are very popular to Bangladeshi learners. So, they need a Microsoft Word . Mar 13, microsoft office /Microsoft word bangla tutorial () part This tutorial will let you to learn how to create pdf files and how to convert.

Ms Word 2007 Tutorial Pdf In Bengali

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Mar 19, Microsoft Office Word Bangla Tutorial Part Ms Word office / / / / Part 6 full training in hindi by Tech Trick .. This is learn and free download pdf book Microsoft office , and learn ms office. MS word bangla book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. We are familier with the name Microsoft office. MS office is a. Microsoft Press. The print edition of this book includes a CD. To access the. CD files, go to, and look for the.

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February 15, at Rubel Ahammed. December 9, at 4: February 2, at May 6, at 1: May 8, at Free Advice. June 7, at 1: June 10, at 4: Sk Khan. July 5, at 5: March 26, at Rasel Ahmed. April 1, at 5: Step Four Now I can add some text.


At first my text box has a solid white background. Search around. There are thousands of fonts. Find a great one. Understand that you may have to pay for it.

Download করে নিন Microsoft Excel 2007-2010 টিউটোরিয়ালের বাংলা বই PDF

But I want to space out the letters a bit, so we need to learn the very important skill of spacing letters. Now I want to add an author name under the title.

I could try to fix the line height, by hitting the Paragraph options and setting the line-height to 0. Now you have a duplicate text layer.

How To Make Your Own Free Book Cover In MS Word

Make the font size smaller, and increase the spacing. I set the size at 36pts, and the spacing to Expanded by 10pts.

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Accidental Presidency looks a little too bold, so I changed the font to Vodafone Rg. Besides changing the color, I can also select a Gradient option. With a light border and subtle reflection, the cover looks pretty good.

Step Five But I think I can make it better. Try selecting that black rectangle shape behind the text.

You can select the layer there, or hide the two text layers for now. That looks OK. But now the straight lines of the rectangle box are starting to bother me.

But let's see if we can add an element of danger by blending in another picture of this bad guy. You may need to move it over first so the corners are visible.

I may be over-reaching. I changed the color of the couple picture, to blend them together better, but now the cover is monochrome and a little boring.Kamrul Hassan Bappy Page: If the document will be opened in a program that does not wrap text from one line to the next, you can include hard line breaks in the document by selecting the Insert line breaks check box, and then specifying whether you want the line breaks to be delineated with a carriage return CR , line feed LF , or both, in the End lines with box.

In this tutorial, along with some helpful hints to bear in mind when word processing, you will learn the steps required to produce a word processed document from scratch and carry out basic formatting and editing functions Size: PDF tutorial It includes an introduction to the Microsoft Office interface, and covers the various aspects of creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing a document in Word Download free course material and training word for beginners PDF file 15 pages Size: You can open and read Unicode-encoded files on your English-language computer system regardless of the language of the text.

Powerpoint Part 1 freebanglaebookshop. This tutorial will show users how to insert graphics and text boxes into a Word document using the tools found on the Insert tab, and how to edit them.

This course includes an introduction to the Microsoft Office interface, and covers the various aspects of creating, formatting, editing, saving, and printing a document in Word Post a Comment.

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