Kabir contributed to the Bhakti. Movement and is considered a pioneer of . died, so said Das Kabir and left. One of Kabir most meaningful doha's for me. Kabir. Feb Free Rahim Ke dohe e-book with maenings in pdf format. Sant Kabir das ke dohe hindi me with Meaning कबीर के दोहे और उनके अर्थ. आपको संत कबीर दास के दोहे अर्थ सहित, dohe of kabir das in hindi, kabir ke dohe in hindi, kabir ke dohe in hindi pdf, kabir ke dohe sakhi meaning in.

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3 मार्च I really salute your spirit to put forth such a precious collection of verses by Saint Kabirdas. Some of them are still unheard by many of us. Sant Kabirdas was a weaver by proffession and acted as teacher and a social reformer by the medium of his writings. Sant Kabir ke dohe are. इस article में आप पढेंगे, Kabir Ke Dohe (कबीर के दोहे) उनके अर्थों जिन्हें अंग्रेजी में Kabir Das Couplets कहा जाता है दिए हैं. ( Kabir Ke Dohe in Hindi or Kabir Couplets with English Meanings) biography of kabir das in hindi language, biography of kabir das in hindi pdf.

This world is like a flower that traps a bee.

Dont get overwhelmed by what you experience for a while. The palace of devotion has a very great height. This one can observe from a distance. Whoever is engaged in devotion, words fall short for describing his beauty. It is difficult to serve others.

I am serving those who are serving others. Now I long to become like a grass under the feet of people. Dont say that you belong to a very prominent caste. This is nothing for which you should beat drums. You are wasting your breaths and standing separated from the eternal spirit. If someone is able to have a privilege of being in the company of a good preceptor then he has the privilege of being in the company of all.

Otherwise he does not understand any relation. The relatives like mother, father, son and brother are there in all families. A shell in the ocean does not take any salty water from the ocean. It drinks the raindrops falling during the period of Swati Constellation and adds to the beauty of the ocean.

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A coal becomes white when put on fire. A fool does not shun his foolishness after any treatment. A deer has the fragrance in itself and runs throughout the forest for finding it. Similarly Ram is everywhere but the world does not see. O my beloved!

Come into my eyes, I will take you in and close them. Then, neither will I see anyone else, nor will I allow anyone to see you. The very powerful drug of god is love, which is very sweet. But it is difficult to obtain, because the seller asks for your head as its price.


A good person is an ocean of pearls. Those who are not intelligent end with handful of sand after meeting a good person. A good person wants that you should have faith in what he says. He is not after your money. He who roams for money is not a good person. See whether he has the right knowledge. A goldsmith cannot verify the purity of gold without putting it to test.

When a drop merges into the ocean, everyone understands it. But when the ocean merges into the drop, seldom does one understand it. Kabir says- searching over and over, O my friend!

I lost myself in Him God As the drop mixes with the ocean, where can one search for it. He reaches the state of union with God, and his cycle of rebirths disappears, just as a drop of water mixes with the ocean and its separation disappears.

To attain true love, one has to give up his ego. When the ego disappears, God appears. So the devotee must give up his ego to realize God. In the region of love there is no difference between king and pauper. Who wants to get love has to give up his ego, all other wealth has no value in love.

Love is a spiritual and not a material thing. One who wants to get some pearls has to dive deeply into the ocean. The person who will fear drowning will not get anything. When a devotee realizes God, he sees illumination of God all over the world. He realizes sees only God and nothing else. God is like fire dwelling in each and every heart. But because the flint stone does not spark in the heart, it does not give light. To get the red colour from the mehendi leaves one has to grind them into a fine paste and apply it on the hands.

When the paste dries and the hands are washed, the red colour appears.

In the same way one has to grind cleanse his mind by meditation to realize God. Instead of bliss they get disappointment.

One should realize that God is dwelling in evry heart. And service to humanity is service to God. Dont feel proud, dont mock at anybody. Your life is like a boat in the sea, who can say what may happen at any time.

Every mature person knows that sooner or later everyone has to leave this world. In this Iron Age you get quick results. Whatever you sow, the same will reap. We do not know what will happen in the next moment, but still we prepare for the distant future. Death will come suddenly just as hawks pounce upon birds.

The body is perishable like an unbaked clay pot, and the mind is restless. Still, man delays in worldly actions unmindful of fear, death looks at him and laughs.

Without protection the grain of the farm is being eaten up by the birds. Still, a little bit is remaining. Protect it if you can. Today you say that you will do devotion to God tomorrow, and tomorrow you will again say tomorrow. Saying tomorrow and tomorrow you lose the opportunity in this life. Speak sweetly and politely, you will make all happy. This is just like a charm, give up harsh words. Sweet words are like medicine, harsh words are like arrows. Which enter through the doors of the ears, give distress to the whole body.

Speech is sweet like sugar, deeds are like poison.

Instead of merely speaking sweet we must do must do good deeds, the poison will turn into nector. Eat simple food and drink cold water.

Do not look at the buttered bread of others and long for it. Keep your critic close, you get to know your faults if someone criticizes you, and you have a chance to correct them. Give your critics shelter in your courtyard and listen to the criticism without annoyance, because critic is not your enemy, he is helping you to clean the rubbish from your life without soap and water.

Give up the pride of caste and clan and do devotion to the God. Give up your faults like lust, anger, and greed. This is the basic principle of the saints. Sant Kabirdas was a weaver by proffession and acted as teacher and a social reformer by the medium of his writings. He believed God is one and people just worship Him with different names. It is no use being very big or rich if you can not do any good to others.

For example, Palm tree is also very tall, but it is of no use to a traveller as it provides no shade and the fruit is also at the top, so noone can eat easily. Kabir says that you should always think well of everyone. Do not be over-friendly with anyone nor should you be hostile to anyone.

Kabir says people of different nature can not live together. Kabir says that you should not oppress the weak, as you should not trample a speck because when that weak person counter-attacks , it will be very painful just like a speck of dust in eye can cause a lot of discomfort. Kabir request God to give only as much so that he can feed his family and if any guest comes he should be able to feed him too. It means, you should only have what you need, no use having too much.

Soil tell the pot maker, you think you are kicking me and kneading me with your feet.

File:903 Verses of Kabir in Hindi Kabir ke dohe.pdf

There will be a day when you will be below me after death , I will knead you. This is sarcasm on people who follow religion blindly.

Kabir says, you spent your life turning the beads of rosary, but could not turn your own heart. Leave the rosary and try and change the evil in your heart. One does not have any means for the valuation and weighment Sep 9, Whatever you do for your own sake is not religion.

Meaning Kabir cleaned his own mind - This doha means to say to be pure in mind and heart. Oct 16, Sep 27, awesome explation of the doha The song lyrics are found here only for the sake of posting and. One day I will. They have deep philosophical meanings hidden beneath seemingly and.

Kabir Das Ke Dohe With Meaning in Hindi AchhiKhabar

Jahan kaam aawe sui, kya kar sake talwar ye hai sant smelly ka doha. Feb 29, Tera sayeen tujh mein hai, tu jaag sake to jaag. If God is. Kabir das ke dohe. The world is Little did he. According to the Islam the meaning of the Kabir is The Great. Dec 2, i wanna know all the explanation of kabirdas'dohe sakhi. Com - The World's Poetry Archive. May 15, jab dasrat kare na kasrat to raam kahan se hoi tera sain tujhme base, jaag sake to jaag Aug 31, Like seed.

Translation Watching the loot sake to loot le,Ram naam ki loot pachhe fir pachtaoge,jahin jab choot.

Kabir Ke Dohe With Meaning - English

Anonymous April tera sai tujh mein hain, jaag sake to jaan Like oil in ani-seed, like fire in flint. Dukhiya das kabir hai, Jaage aur roye. I am sure, the scholars in Hindi or Philosophy would have something more to say. Oct 20, Kabir. One does not have any means for the valuation and weight of words South and Kabir Das from North, who spread worldly wisdom through their.

Below is a transalation in English our language of the day of some those. Home again represents our own home means stay place of the soul- the physical ,. It had been my dream to translate Kabir's verses into Tamil, for the sake of I roughly translate the meaning here, though I am unable to do a poetic Aur na koi sun sake , kai saai kai chitt To him To the miser wealth is given for the sake of keeping it Das, and first published by the Kabir Association of Canada in Kaha Gaye Das Kabir.

Dohe hindi Mene kabir das ko doha sunne bahuth acha lagtha he. These are couplets that Kabir probably uttered when he saw something that sparked a thought in him. Publisher: PoemHunter.

Keeping this context in mind, this Kabir Doha clearly teaches us to shed all procrastination and lethargy.For example, Palm tree is also very tall, but it is of no use to a traveller as it provides no shade and the fruit is also at the top, so noone can eat easily.

Thus the literal translation given above conveys that Kabirji wrote all his For Fuck's sake, it is a character talking. Without protection the grain of the farm is being eaten up by the birds. Departing with a crown of material wealth, none has crossed the gate. For the sake of convenience and not on any criterion of merit, we could.

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