Item 1 - 36 of 51 Moroner Pore Ki Hobe by Allama Jalaluddin Suyuti RA (Bangla Anubad). Moroner Pare by Swami Avedananda Bangla book pdf Moroner. Many of us are familiar with Swami Avedananda’s book ‘Moroner Pare’. Abhedananda wrote several books on Vedanta and was founded “Ramakrishna Vedanta Math” in Kolkata and Darjeeling. Today I want to share with all rationalist readers an ebook pdf of ‘Moroner Pare. মরনের পারে: Maraner Pare (Bengali). Item Code: NZH Cover: Hardcover. Publisher: Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Math, Kolkata. ISBN: Language.

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However, the unhappiness is amplified as compared to the unhappiness experienced on Earth. In Heaven plane of existence, subtle bodies experience an over abundance of happiness. This happiness is much beyond the happiness experienced on Earth in quantity, quality and duration.

As we go up the positive planes of existence, there is an increase in the quality of happiness and no unhappiness. Sttvik happiness means happiness derived from helping others without any expectations or strings attached. When ego is involved in the act, it becomes rjasik. Serenity is a higher experience than Bliss.

However these evolved subtle bodies may choose to be born of their own will.

They do so primarily to act as spiritual guides for humanity. Here the persons potential for further spiritual growth is considered. Through spiritual research we have found that that there are 5 factors that influence this potential for further spiritual growth. Having a high amount of spiritual emotion bhv , Having a low ego, Having an intense desire for spiritual growth, Doing regular spiritual practice of increasingly higher levels, Affected or not affected by negative energies.

Being affected by negative energies can severely obstruct the ability for spiritual growth. If one attains Tapolok or Satyalok after death, then one does not take birth on the Earth plane of existence but continues to do spiritual practice from that plane of existence until one merges completely with God.

It is the only plane of existence where we can make rapid spiritual growth and settle our give-and-take account in the shortest period of time. The main reason for this is that with the help of the physical body, we can do many things to enhance our spiritual growth and spiritual level and reduce the basic subtle Tama component.

Other than Earth, spiritual growth is mostly likely to occur only in the regions beyond Heaven such as Maharloka etc. This is because in Heaven, the subtle bodies run the risk of getting caught up in the unending pleasures it offers.

In the Nether and Hell planes of existence, the punishment is so severe and also the distress from the other higher-level ghosts is such that it becomes very difficult to rise above the suffering to undertake any spiritual practice of value.

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As one goes to lower planes of existence of Hell, as the subtle basic Sattva component progressively reduces the environment becomes less conducive to the experience of happiness. Within the planes of existence of Hell, there are some ghosts who do certain types of spiritual practice to gain spiritual power.

The highest in the hierarchy of ghosts are sorcerers from the seventh plane of existence of Hell. They control all the other types of ghosts with lesser spiritual power. As one goes deeper into the various planes of existence of Hell, i. The minimal experience of happiness is also due to being engrossed in memories of past positive events, pleasant memories of wealth in a past life, etc.

The experience of unhappiness is due to memories of physical pain and insulting events, memories of unfulfilled desires, e. Also, the period of punishment to be endured in each Narak is in excess compared to the corresponding plane of existence of Hell.

The following table is a description of examples along with the average intensity of happiness and unhappiness we experience in the various planes of existence of Hell.

Movement between subtle planes of existence in the Universe One is assigned that plane of existence which matches ones basic nature in terms of Sattva, Raja and Tama.

This is also a function of ones spiritual level. Hence, subtle bodies from lower positive planes of existence cannot go to higher positive planes of existence and those from first or second negative planes of existence cannot go to the deeper planes of existence Hell. This is similar to how people living in the planes find breathing difficult at higher altitudes, but people staying at higher altitudes manage fine. At the time of death, as the physical body becomes inactive the vital energy used for the functioning of the physical body is liberated into the Universe.

This vital energy at the time of death propels the subtle body away from the Earth region. Just as the weight of a projectile decides how far a rocket will propel it, similarly the weight of the subtle body decides which plane of existence it goes to in the subtle planes of existence in life after death.

The weight of the subtle body is primarily a function of the amount of the subtle basic Tama component in our being. The 3 subtle basic components: Each one of us is made up of three subtle basic components or guas. These components are spiritual in nature and cannot be seen but they define our personalities. Please read the article on the 3 subtle basic components The more we are filled with the Raja and Tama components the more we display the following characteristics which add to our weight and impact which plane of existence we go to in our life after death: More attachment to worldly things and selfishness More unfulfilled desires Feelings of revenge Higher amount of demerits or wrong-doings Higher amount of personality defects such as anger, greed, fear, etc.

A higher amount of ego: By ego we mean how much a person identifies himself with his body, mind and intellect as opposed to the soul within Resulting in lower spiritual level A permanent reduction in the proportion of the subtle basic Tama component and the related characteristics mentioned above come about only with sustained spiritual practice according to the six basic laws of spiritual practice.

Psychological improvements with self-help books or trying to be nice are at best superficial and temporary. Our mental state is generally relative to the proportion of the subtle basic components in our being. If a person is actually doing his spiritual practice such as chanting the Name of God at the time of death then the influence of desires, attachments, ghosts, etc. This makes his subtle body lighter.

Moroner Age O Pore PDF

Hence, if he passes away while chanting, he attains better plane of existence among the sub-planes than what he would have attained were he to pass away without chanting. At the time of death, if a person is chanting the Name of God and is also in a state of surrender to Gods will, then he attains an even better plane of existence in his life after death and his sojourn is undertaken with lightening speed. This is because the person being in a state of surrender on Earth plane of existence itself, has very less chance of increasing his ego in his life after death.

Also, the entire responsibility of his well-being in his life after death is undertaken by his evolved spiritual guide Guru. The following are the types of deeds in our life on Earth that typically land us in one of the planes of existence of Hell.

The extent, duration and intention behind the wrong-doings are important factors deciding the planes of existence of Hell attained after death rather than just the action itself. Suicide and the after life There are two types of death with regards to its timing.

Destined final death: This is the time of death that no one can escape. Possible death: This is where a person can possibly die. Each person may undergo a possible death wherein one comes close to death but may be saved due to his or her merits.

For more information on the types of death please refer to our article - Time of Death In cases where a person is going through insurmountable crisis in his life or has severe personality disorders, he may think of taking his own life in a depressed state.

Ghosts demons, devils, negative energies, etc. However, suicide remains a wilful act that happens when a person is going through a possible death phase as per their destiny. Life on the Earth plane of existence is precious and is given to us primarily for spiritual growth. When we kill others we create a karmic give and take account with them.

However by committing suicide, we squander away the opportunity for spiritual growth and hence incur the heaviest sin. The consequences are that a person committing suicide goes to the Narak part of the 7th plane of existence of Hell for a period of 60, Earth years, in his life after death.

It is a place that is without any light; something like solitary confinement in a prison. As there is nobody in that Narak region who can give advice about spiritual practice, the subtle body remains in the darkness of spiritual ignorance. In the course of research by using hypnotic trance to trace the past lives of the person, it has been found that the time lag between two reincarnations on Earth could be on average 50 to years.

The reasons for this time lag are as follows: The subtle body remains in the Heaven or the Nether plane of existence for variable periods of time to undergo its merits and demerits sins. Circumstances on Earth plane of existence need to be favourable to complete the give-and-take account from previous births with various people. This is in accordance with the law of Karma.

The reincarnation of the subtle body is postponed until the time various other people who they have a give-and-take account with are also preparing to take reincarnation. Sometimes in past life regression, a person does not report a reincarnation in the trance state.

The reason for this is that a certain reincarnation has been very uneventful or brief and the person may not remember any details of it. In the case of subtle bodies that have been relegated to the deeper planes of existence of Hell, the time lag between two reincarnations may be thousands of years. They stay in their respective plane of existence of Hell until such time they have completed their punishment.

In most cases, this means languishing in plane of existence of Hell in their life after death till the dissolution of the Universe. Life after death in summary The above facts about the various planes of existence give us a fair idea of the possible consequences in our life after death of how we live our lives. Thanks again. Thank you for great service in the past. I am a returning customer and have downloadd many Puranas from your firm.

Please continue the great service on this order also.

Excellent service. I feel that there is genuine concern for the welfare of customers and there orders. Many thanks. I got the rare Pt Raju's book with a very speedy and positive service from Exotic India. Thanks a lot Exotic India family for such a fantabulous response. It is with great pleasure to let you know that I did receive both books now and am really touched by your customer service. You developed great confidence in me.

Will again download books from you. Thank you for existing and sharing India's wonderful heritage and legacy to the world. I have got both of them and they are very much helpful for my paper writing.

Exotic India has excellent and speedy service. Your selection of books is impressive and unique in USA. Please refer to the article on the Region of the Dead for more information. Subtle-bodies of relatives in the same region can meet each other easily.

As you can see. In the current era. A subtle-body from a more subtle-plane of existence can go to a grosser less subtle plane of existence. Maharlok and above.

Immediately after we die. There is another region that is very important to mention in order to understand what happens to us after death.

Subtle to subtler regions: It is not possible for a person in a subtle intangible plane to meet a person in an even more subtle-plane of existence. Such visits usually last for as long as they are required and are also dependent on the spiritual strength of the visiting subtle-body. At the same time. They are then pulled towards the sound of the sub-vital energies emitted and the excretory gases discharged by the dead body. Once a subtle-body enters the Region of the Dead.

If people have a strong attachment to their Earthly life and relatives.

Raja and Tama components among family members. That is why many dying people get visions of their dead ancestors. When the subtle-bodies of departed ancestors have an intense desire to meet another departed relative or friend. If the recently dead person strongly wishes to meet his departed ancestors or if the departed.

There are generally hereditary similarities at the level of the subtle basic Sattva. Subtle-bodies in any subtle-region can visit the subtle-bodies in the Region of the Dead or Earth region. A ghost of higher spiritual strength in the lower regions of Hell can temporarily enter higher positive regions such as Heaven to upset the peace.

By the time it crosses the Region of the Dead and reaches one of the main subtle-regions such as the Nether region. The main purpose of their existence is to grow spiritually. Subtle-bodies can get stuck in the Region of the Dead for many years and hover around their ancestral home. The descendant who has recently expired then recognises his ancestor because of the familiar form that the subtle-body of the ancestor has taken.

This is because there is a lot of similarity among relatives as compared with others. They thus help the dead person in identifying themselves. There is a chance of an animal being born as a human being if a human being had regressed to that animal form as punishment for his misdeeds.

Subtle-bodies from a family generally stick together.

Rituals for departed ancestors done by their descendants also help. After the animal that was initially a human has finished its quota of suffering as an animal. The thoughts in one's mental body are perceived by others. The sure way of ensuring one is not misled after death is to do regular spiritual practice as per the six basic principles of spiritual practiceand attain as high a spiritual level as possible.

Also if an animal lives with a Saint. The higher the spiritual level at the time of death. It is extremely difficult for an animal that was born as an animal to start with to evolve to a human being as it is very difficult for an animal to do spiritual practice. The method of communication in the afterlife is not the language of sound that we are used to on Earth. If at all one sees pets.

Raja and Tama? What is the Region of the Dead Martyaloka? Spiritual Perspective on 'Going towards the Light' How can we help our ancestors in the afterlife?

What are ancestral problems?

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What are the three subtle basic components of Sattva. Moroner Pore Uploaded by Dipak Bandyopadhyay. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles.

Stress Death and Rebirth Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar 1. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Abstract The innumerable recorded and researched cases of past life experiences clearly point to life after death. Life after death — in summary 1. Spiritual research has shown that man is comprised of the following four basic bodies: Documents Similar To Moroner Pore.

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He later shifted to New York. His very first discourse on Advaita Vedanta delivered at London was an instant success.

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