, BattleTech Reinforcements, , Out of Print. A, BattleTech Reinforcements (Record Sheet Only), , Out of Print. , BattleTech Manual: The. Note: This is a compilation volume. The entries in this PDF are reprinted--albeit with the current BattleTech logo--from Record Sheets: Unabridged, Record . RECORD SHEET DESIGN BY DAVID L. McCULLOCH The Topps Company, Inc. Classic BattleTech, BattleTech, 'Mech and BattleMech are trademarks.

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can download the Record Sheet: PDF—as well as many other BattleTech products—at CREDITS. Project Development., MB, , MechWarrior 2., KB, , MechWarrior 3., KB, , Mw3rd record sheet. mw3sheet. the complete Record Sheet: PDF with more than record sheets—as well as many other BattleTech products—at http://

Players achieve victory by destroying all opposition or simply by having the last unit on the map able to act under its own power. Whether a player wins by utterly destroying the opponent or by forcing his surrender through heavy combat damage is largely immaterial to the terms of the duel see Scenario Types, below, for more ways to successfully end a Solaris arena game.

Victorious players may determine whether a victory is substantial, decisive or marginal by adding up the Battle Value of all opposing units destroyed or disabled by combat damage and comparing it to the Battle Value of all their own units destroyed or disabled by the opposing team.

If the value of all units destroyed or disabled by the victorious player is more than twice that of those he lost, the victory is decisive. If the value of destroyed or disabled opposing units exceeds the value of the victors destroyed or disabled units by more than fifty percent, the victory is substantial. Otherwise, the player wins a marginal victory. The same formula defines the level of defeat for the opposing force; a victorious players substantial victory translates to a substantial defeat for his opponent.

Disabled units are any whose maximum MP is reduced to 1, or that can no longer inflict more than 5 points of damage beyond a range of one hex. Non-combat victory points such as for capturing the flag in a flag-capture scenario may be awarded as well, at the players discretion. In such a case, the point values should be equal to the average BV of all units involved in the scenario, so that successfully accomplishing the non-combat goal equates to destroying a single combatant.

In a Solaris arena-based campaign, the level of a teams victory or defeat can be used to modify a teams Customization Pool for the next match see Customization, p. A substantial victory in the last match translates to a fifteen percent increase in Customization Points for a team going into its next match, while a decisive victory increases the teams Customization Pool points by ten percent and a marginal victory by five percent rounding all figures up.

A defeat in the previous match decreases these point pools by fifteen, ten and five percent, respectively, for a substantial, decisive or marginal defeat. Pre-Existing Conditions: Per the definition for a disabled unit above, some units start the game already disabled.

For example the OTT-7K Ostscout does not mount any weapons, or if players are fielding conventional infantry many start the game with only 1 MP. In such instances, only destruction victory points can be applied to such units.

Players interested in variety for their own Solaris campaigns may randomly determine the nature of their Solaris scenarios by rolling 2D6 and consulting the Solaris Scenario Type Table see above. In a weapons dead scenario, all ranged combat weapons are rendered inoperative, leaving the combatants to fight using melee combat.

If both players agree, one may make a 2D6 roll to determine if ammunition bins are left loaded before the scenario starts for devastating yet crowd-pleasing effects during battle. If the roll result is 9 or higher, the ammunition bins are full, and may not be dumped at any time during the scenario stingy Stablemasters would fire a pilot for such a wasteful action. Limited to one unit versus another, the goal is simply to be the last unit on the field and under its own power at the end.

Single duels are limited to two sides and are fought until one combatant is destroyed or disabled, or until one side surrenders. The victorious unit automatically receives a substantial victory for winning a single duel. Flag Captures Flag capture matches evolved as a means of bringing tactics into the Games, by giving combatants something other than the opponents armor and firepower to worry about.

In a capture-theflag scenario, one marker is placed at each teams start point as defined in the scenario or map rules.

To win, one side must capture all markers from its opponent s and carry them back to the winning sides own marker. As soon as one side has all markers at its own start point, including its own flag, the match is over and players may determine victory using the battle value calculation system.

Markers are electronic beacons rather than actual flags, and may be picked up whether or not the unit doing the capturing has hand actuators. Capturing a marker simply requires a unit to enter the marker hex and make a successful Piloting Skill roll. The unit must then get safely back to its home hex, whereupon the controlling player makes another Piloting Skill roll to successfully deliver the marker. The marker cannot be lost in transit unless the carrying unit is destroyed, disabled or surrenders.

In such a case, the marker is placed in the destroyed units hex, where either side may then retrieve it. A marker successfully captured and returned to its home hex may be recaptured by a unit from an opposing side, so long as no team has successfully captured and returned all opposing markers first. Free-For-All Grand Melee A free-for-all match often referred to as a grand melee involves anywhere between three and six sides, each consisting of one unit, depending upon the size of the arena.

The warriors from each side do battle until only one warrior controls the field. All players roll Initiative individually, with additional rolls to resolve any ties. Under the Determining Victory rules see p. All other combatants at the end of a free-for-all have suffered a substantial defeat. Team Match In a team match, two to four sideseach comprised of two to four unitstake the field and do battle until only one team is left standing.

All teams must contain an equal number of units, and should include roughly the same tech levels and weight classes. Typically fought as one team versus another, a team match with more than two sides can easily escalate into a large-scale free-forall. Before beginning the game, players should determine whether to roll Initiative by side or by individual unit, with additional rolls to resolve any ties. Players can determine victory according to the rules above for one-on-one team matches, or by the free-for-all rules when more than two teams engage in combat.

Players should continue to track heat for any unit that has tagged out. Treat all tagged out units as if they were active, but did not generate any movement heat that turn; such units cannot be re-paired, though they can use the rules the Rearming Under Fire see p.

In this match, competing units are chosen for identical performance profiles, leaving it up to the skill of the pilots to win the race. Some arenas that sponsor these events include minefields and other booby traps for added effect, making the gauntlet one of the most intense forms of combat in the arenas even though it has yet to enter the mainstream Games.

During set-up, the players designate a series of 2 to 6 numbered waypoints on the field, with a minimum distance in hexes between each consecutive point equal to the Running MP of each unit plus 1.

Players set up their units within one hex of the first waypoint before game play begins. Both players then roll 1D6 and add their units Running MP to the roll result and multiplying that number by the number of waypoints on the board.

This final number is the number of rounds in which the players must complete each lap by running to each waypoint in order until they return to the first one. If the players agree, they may multiply the time by the number of laps desired to complete the full race though most gauntlets typically last only four or five laps.

If both sides agree, each player may also write down a series of 1D6 hexes along the course, which may contain conventional minefields or pit traps players should note the type of each trap as well. Log In. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week!

BattleTech Record Sheets

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Click here. Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 1 rating. You've grasped the tactics involved with the additional units and weapons from Total Warfare to defeat your opponents. Now you own Technical Readout: Grab your dice and start rolling, because these sheets are for you!

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Savage Worlds. Product Type. Both are currently compatible with the design rules as presented in the Tech Manual. I personally use SSW, but your mileage and preferences may vary. War all the time. That is its nature.

Record Sheet: 3050U Unabridged, Clan & SL

There may be other universes based on all sorts of other principles, but ours seems to be based on war and games. Hersh67 Captain Posts: Medron Pryde Captain Posts: I use HMP for all my gaming needs.

Yes, it does take money. Et cetera.

There may be a few other designs out there that HMP can't print record sheets for, but I've not run into them myself. They were wrong. We struck back Form-fillable record sheet PDFs are actually quite hard to do, particularly when it comes to armor pips.

The tools just aren't there yet to make it possible, but it's definitely something we've looked at before.

For the time being, it's a no-go. Studly caps! No studly caps! No spaces! Stinger Freelance Artist Lieutenant Posts: I am pretty sure that there are blank record sheets available for free from the Battleshop. They have more than the required armor dots, so just cross out the ones you don't need. It is still a length process.Now you own Technical Readout: Also, a few larger books may be resampled to fit into the system, and may not have this searchable text background.

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